What is the Finkel Review?

The Finkel Review is an independent review of the national electricity market and looks to take stock of our current electricity security, reliability and to provide advice to governments on a coordinated national reform blueprint.

A summary of the Finkel Review has been done by the Climate Council of Australia and provides valuable insights into this sector.

Living in Australia, we take for granted that we have electricity at the flick of a switch.

    • Most Australians are concerned about climate change and want more sustainable and affordable energy resources.
    • We are in a position where we will need to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions and right now producing electricity is our biggest single source of pollution 35%.
    • At present, approximately 87%  of the electricity going into that market comes from fossil fuels.

Why does it matter?

Key statistics

Projections by the  Australian Bureau of Statistics has our population will increase between 37.4 and 49.2 million people by 2066.

Australian Bureau of Statistics Population Projections 2017
Australian Bureau of Statistics Population Projections 2017

Cities and regional areas will demand more energy, resources and we will need to find more efficient ways of producing power in a more sustainable and price-competitive way for consumers.

It is important to gain a better understanding of the issues we are facing beyond today, this includes climate change, sustainable energy, and provides insights into future changes beyond just where we will get our electricity from.

These changes will also impact the broader economy and jobs within the project management sector.

We have attached a copy of the Climate Council of Australia report for you to read.

For more information:-

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Unpacking the Finkel Review