What is Brand You

Have you ever wondered what is Brand you?

Like everything these days, there has been much written about branding, social media, owning your space in the world, and developing your personal brand. So what is brand you?

As consultants, we are always striving to improve how we determine whether or not someone will be able to deliver against a set of requirements for a client or against a project.

Evaluating Brand You

The question here is, why is Brand You so important or rather does it even matter?

There is an examination of ones’ previous work history. The inevitable search on social platforms to gain insight into your background. And of course, reference checks (urgh) more on that one later.

We want to deliver a successful result for you and for the client. A successful outcome is never one way.

Therefore, why is this notion of being Instagram or LinkedIn worthy so important? If you use social platforms to sell products or services, it’s important.

But at the heart of it all, people still want to know you. Let’s face it, while you may be the best at what you do, people still want to know who they’ll be working with.

Let’s chat

Your ability to articulate your personal value proposition will be important. At some point, we will do the very old fashioned thing of speaking to one another. By this stage, we’ve probably already determined you have the appropriate skill set to deliver against a set of requirements. What we’re really looking for is to understand and get to know you.

No filters, please

We want to get to know you, not the perfect, airbrushed infallible you, just the real authentic you (yes, that’s right, the you that has been known to make mistakes from time to time, the not so perfect you that could have handled things better, that’s really the person we want to get to know).

That’s what people actually want to see. That’s the person they want to get to know and work with. So how often have you actually stopped and thought about who and what you’re projecting when you are passively or actively looking for another role?

Be real

You see, it’s not about presenting the most perfect version of you, it just about being authentic in a professional setting and representing yourself in a manner where putting on a game face each day is not a necessity.

We will continue to delve into how to brand you and discuss the importance of networking. But if we can leave with just one very simple takeaway, it’s this, just be the real you.


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